I wanted to give my groomsmen a special gift and I wanted it to be handmade. I don’t have lots of experience in making boxes, particularly ones that look really nice but it’s a skill that I wanted to work on.

I had some huon pine that I purchased on a trip to Tasmania. It was from the wooden boat festival and there was one nice 12mm board and one large slab which I ended up cutting down with a hand saw to create a second 12mm board.

I planed both boards down significantly to ensure they were flat and straight. I created a lot of waste doing this but ended up using the shavings to fill the box.

The parts for the box are all cut on a drop saw. I spent a lot of time adjusting the screws to ensure that it was cutting perfect 45 degree miters.

The slots are cut on a table saw.

I tried some western red cedar ply veneer for the top but I felt that it looked a little strange with the dark wood against the light huon colour. The final lid and base was just cheap plywood that I sanded down.

The stain is french polish but I wish that I just oiled or waxed it as the french polish came out quite yellow.

Regardless, I’m very happy with the final results and so are my groomsmen.


  • Huon Pine
  • Pine Plywood
  • 21 year old Seppeltsfield Para Port


  • Hand saw slab to planks
  • Plane both planks flat
  • Drop saw miters
  • Bench saw top and bottom slots
  • Glue using wood glue and straps
  • Laser cut top
  • Sand thoroughly
  • French polish


1 weekend

Quantity produced:




IMG_20160220_142243 IMG_20160220_142245 IMG_20160220_142247 IMG_20160220_142249 IMG_20160220_142252 IMG_20160220_142929 IMG_20160220_143519 IMG_20160221_101724 IMG_20160221_101727 IMG_20160221_102042

Test piece, too dark


I strapped the boxes using painters tape but proper straps would have been a better option.

IMG_20160221_121514 IMG_20160221_135551 IMG_20160221_135556

Glue on handles.


Western red cedar tops which I didnt use.

IMG_20160221_135613 IMG_20160221_135620 LouiseandAshby084 LouiseandAshby085 LouiseandAshby086 LouiseandAshby087 LouiseandAshby088 LouiseandAshby091 LouiseandAshby092 LouiseandAshby093