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AWAM Engineering and Design – International Design Award

I’m super excited to announce that I have been awarded a Bronze Award in the A’Design Award for my Business Card Design. More information is available at the…

Illumine Word Clocks 

AWAM Engineering and Design business cards featured on FPO

Google Cardboard V1

Concept: An attempt at a Google Cardboard (read “ghettoculus thrift”) using only items around the house. Google Cardboard is a development kit which involves using your phone for VR….

Game Cartridge Belts

Concept: Use a game cartridge as a belt buckle. Software: n/a Materials: The cartridges were selected from a flea market in Akihabara, Japan based on the look of the individual cartridges….

Fixie Road Bike Paint & Finish

Concept: Making my bike look nicer. The blue rims are supposed to pop against the black and matte grey frame. I attempted to balance the colour usage so the…

PDA Cover

Concept: Using ultra soft chamois leather, the phone cover protected an old HP2100 PDA & a phone version was also made. Software: n/a Materials: Chamois leather, plastic over screen Processes: sewing…

Laptop Cover

Concept: A case to protect my old iBook 600 Software: n/a Materials: neoprene Processes: sewing Time: One hour Quantity produced: 5 Cost: $5 Files: n/a

Projector V1

Concept: A HD data projector made from off the shelf parts. Back in the day (2004-5) Lumenlab forums was a online community dedicated to DIY projectors. This first…