Category: Optics

Google Cardboard V2

Concept: This version is lasercut based on the actual google cardboard plans. Software: Inkscape > Laserworks Materials: Cardboard, 40mm planoconvex lenses Processes: Lasercut Time: One hour Quantity produced: 1 Cost: $5 Files: ghettoculus thrift (dxf)

Google Cardboard V1

Concept: An attempt at a Google Cardboard (read “ghettoculus thrift”) using only items around the house. Google Cardboard is a development kit which involves using your phone for VR….

Projector V2

Concept: A successor to Projector V1. This version attempted to be smaller, more aesthetic, have more input options, have better cooling and be easier to maintain. It was a success…

Projector V1

Concept: A HD data projector made from off the shelf parts. Back in the day (2004-5) Lumenlab forums was a online community dedicated to DIY projectors. This first…