Category: 3D Render

3D Scanning with Kinect 2 on Windows 10

I was about 10 seconds away from returning my Kinect 2 in anger when I found out that they had removed scanning from 3D builder in windows 10….

Chess Pieces

Concept: Some angular chess pieces, initially designed for 3d printing. Rendered in 3ds Max. Materials: n/a Processes: 3ds Max Time: 1 weekend Quantity produced: 0 Cost: n/a Files: chess for production (3ds)

DFM Mechanical Pen

Concept: A pen using as few parts as possible, uni project Software: 3dsmax Materials: plastic Processes: n/a Time: Two days Quantity produced: 1 Cost: n/a Files: n/a

1L Biodiesel Tuk Tuk

Concept: Part of a uni project, renderings for a 1L Biodiesel Tuk Tuk Software: 3ds Max Materials: n/a Processes: n/a Time: One week Quantity produced: 1 Cost: n/a Files: n/a