Category: 3D Printing

3D Printed Model Reclaimer

Concept: A model of a Yard Reclaimer used at coal/iron ore shipping ports. Software: tinkercad > slic3r > mach 3 Materials: 1.8mm PLA filament Processes: 3d printed each side,…

Chess Pieces

Concept: Some angular chess pieces, initially designed for 3d printing. Rendered in 3ds Max. Materials: n/a Processes: 3ds Max Time: 1 weekend Quantity produced: 0 Cost: n/a Files: chess for production (3ds)

3D Printing Test Pieces

Concept: Adventures in 3d Printing. These are the first test pieces that the process produced. The 3d printing head was attached to the CNC gantry. Software: CAD > slic3r >…