Concept: A solid carbon keel for a marblehead RC yacht.

Carbon is 4mm thick and tapers to a fine edge. The foil is ground down from solid carbon which provides significantly more strength than molding each side.


You can see me (75kg) standing on the foil here, measuring only about 10mm of deflection. There is scope to make the foil much longer and thinner without any problems.


Profile is a NACA 0009 foil. Low drag, NACA 83 profile is preferable for low angle of attack foils but does not provide significant advantage at this thickness.

The top hole fits part:

Fin insert - top

Bottom hole fits part:

Fin insert - bottom

There is a dimple at the back of the bottom edge to help keep the bulb in alignment. The bottom edge is cut at 88 degrees such that the keel bulb is angled up 2 degrees.



Materials: 4mm Carbon Plate, 3k weave.

Processes: CNC cut profile, bench sander profiling

Time: 1-2 hours.

Quantity produced: 1

Files: 000231 (dxf, nc gcode)

12-IMG_20150815_164501 11-IMG_20150815_164456 10-IMG_20150815_164444 09-IMG_20150815_164434 08-IMG_20150815_164428 07-IMG_20150815_164421 06-IMG_20150815_16441904-IMG_20150815_161558 03-IMG_20150815_161554 02-IMG_20150815_161548



If you’re looking to have a keel made, please contact me through