A bluetooth shelf speaker.

Essentially produced in order to try out some new materials and techniques. The bending of the wood using laser kerf was a large part of this project. The electronics are essentially trivial.

The speakers are driven by a CSR8645 which provides two modest 5W channels (this component is commonly used as a headphone amplifier but provides ample to drive some small speakers).

The speakers are off the shelf from Jaycar with the recommended enclosure volume being around 5L. I’d have liked to create a nice ported enclosure but the additional trials of getting the right shape and port length for good results would have taken too much time.

The resulting enclosure sounds nice. It was originally a bit boomy and resonant but this was resolved with a bit of foam. For something to listen to radio on and stream from a phone it’s very capable.

I also attempted blind edges on the front and back faces. The gap is 5mm between the edge and the face. The recessed face and internal edge were painted flat black to enhance the appearance.

At some point I might add a battery and USB port to make it portable but for now it’s going to sit in the nursery.


  • 4mm tasmanian oak ply (1x 600×1200 sheet including waste from mistakes)
  • 3mm pine ply for internal frame and recessed faces
  • CSR 8645 (
  • LM2596 dc-dc converter to step down from 12v adaptor (
  • 2 x CW2190 speakers (
  • 5 x Buttons (play/pause, vol +, vol -, next, prev)
  • 1x DC Jack


  • Laser cut frame
  • Glued together a skeleton frame -> laid paper over to ensure airtight container
  • Glued lasercut skin over paper
  • Front and back recessed faces were painted black
  • Tasmanian  oak finished with tung oil


1 weekend

Quantity produced:




bluetoothspeaker (dxf)