I was about 10 seconds away from returning my Kinect 2 in anger when I found out that they had removed scanning from 3D builder in windows 10.

The back story is that Windows 10 uses a universal app UI which makes it easy to shift applications between all Windows 10 devices, xbox, windows phone, etc. To capture data the Kinect uses all kinds of non universal UI toolkits so they had to remove the Kinect features when going to Windows 10.

Never fear, there is still a way to make great captures without using Kscan or any other third party software.


  1. Download and Install Kinect SDK 2.0.
  2. Open SDK Browser.
    Scroll down to Kinect Fusion Studio.
  3. Install Kinect Fusion Explorer (try both D2D and WPF)
    The different versions are build slightly differently. These are both example programs to help people write Kinect applications but are perfectly fine for creating actual models and are plenty stable enough to use.
  4. Run Kinect Fusion Explorer
    I’ll use the WPF version as it seems to give me better results.
  5. Move the object or move the kinect around to capture the object.
    Press Reset Reconstruction to start capturing another object.
    See the article below for more information on how to use Kinect Fusion Explorer:
  6. Create mesh to export a model.
  7. View the model in 3DBuilder