One handed card holder

Concept:    A playing card holded for a person with the use of only one hand. Cards can be overlapped. The cuts are angled back 5 degrees from…


String box

Concept:    A pretty box to organise and display string. Materials: 3mm ply Processes: Autocad Lasercutter Sanding Waxing Time: 2-3 hours Quantity produced: 1 Files: stringbox


AWAM Engineering and Design – International Design Award

I’m super excited to announce that I have been awarded a Bronze Award in the A’Design Award for my Business Card Design. More information is available at the…


Huon Pine Vintage Port Boxes

Concept:  I wanted to give my groomsmen a special gift and I wanted it to be handmade. I don’t have lots of experience in making boxes, particularly ones…


Wedding Placemark Corks

Concept:  Nametags slip into the grooves in the corks to indicate seat placings. The dogs are for male guests and the cats are for female guests. To cut a batch…


Wedding Big Letters

Concept:  Large initials as a feature piece for a wedding reception. Materials: Garden trellis MDF Edging (pre primed) Processes: Nailgun edging to trellis Japanese handsaw to cut miters…


Wedding Centerpieces

  Concept:  Centerpieces for a wedding reception Materials: 3mm ply Chicken hutch mesh Fairy lights Processes: Laser cut ply pieces for frame Assemble & paint frame Sting lights…


Manufacturing Carbon Fibre Parts – pt 1 CNC

Preface Several years ago I was pouring over a webpage created by Michal Zalewski called “Guerrilla guide to CNC machining, mold making, and resin casting”. It inspired me…


IOT Plant Monitor without a WIFI enabled microcontroller

Concept:  I want to monitor when my plant need to be watered but I don’t have a wifi enabled development board OR I don’t have wifi OR I have…


IOT Plant Monitor

Concept:  How do you know when it’s time to water your desk plant? This is how I read the moisture level of my fiddle back ficus desk plant…


3D Scanning with Kinect 2 on Windows 10

I was about 10 seconds away from returning my Kinect 2 in anger when I found out that they had removed scanning from 3D builder in windows 10….


Quadcopter Landing Gear

Concept:  Landing gear for a 250 quadcopter Materials: Carbon, 2mm (acrylic in video) Carbon rod, 3mm Micro servo, metal gears Copper wire Processes: CNC legs Rod glued through…


Illumine Word Clocks 


AWAM Engineering and Design business cards featured on FPO


Quadcopter V2.1

Concept:  I had noticed a bit of vibration from the V2 arms which were cut from 2.0mm carbon. For a 2D shape, 2.0mm is a bit thin. The…


Carbon Marblehead RC Yacht Keel

  Concept: A solid carbon keel for a marblehead RC yacht. Carbon is 4mm thick and tapers to a fine edge. The foil is ground down from solid carbon…


Tasmanian Blackwood Cheeseboards – V2

Concept:  A few more cheeseboards made from Tasmanian Blackwood. Materials: Tasmanian Blackwood Processes: Cut squares on a table saw Glue with west system epoxy Laser engraved logo Tung…


Month Word Clock Prototype

Concept: A 16×16 letter clock which displays the day of the month. A genetic algorithm was used to arrange the letters to get the best fit. I adapted the…


Business Cards

Concept: Startup weekend is coming up and I need some business cards to hand out. The theme is somewhat akin to the word-find clocks that I have been…


Mid field monitors

Concept: Some homemade speakers for TV, music & movie use. The target is to sound good on a couch about 4m away. Good reproduction of highs is important for…